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 Eastman Eagle

Tag Gun  EC1   300se

Bands NA 600 Phillocraft Snips


Eastman - Phillocraft - Svegea - Ioline - Cutex - Mundial - Kretzer - Su Lee - Olfa - Collinscraft - Ricoma - Sheffield - KM - Meta - Hashima - Meistergram - Optitex - Saber - Pinnacle

What is SPEC?
Sewn Products Equipment Company (Formerly Eastman Cutting Room Sales) is a major supplier of machinery, parts and accessories to industries that manufacture apparel, furniture, marine and aviation vehicles, industrial fabric products, products formed from flexible composites and many other allied industries.  We are cutting, spreading and material handling specialists.  We can find you the most cost effective solution for your cutting and spreading applications with the best possible return on your investment.